What is behind the US Defense Secretary’s recent visit to Jordan?

(Photo: Royal Court)
AMMAN — On Sunday, His Majesty King Abdullah met with US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin during his ongoing visit to Jordan, Egypt, and Israel. اضافة اعلان

The two leaders discussed de-escalation efforts in the Palestinian Territories, the strategic partnership between Jordan and the US, and prospects for expanding defense cooperation.

US Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for the Middle East Dana Stroul had previously stated that Austin's visit aimed to discuss the threats posed by Iran.

Escalation of tensionsPolitical analyst Amer Al-Sabaileh told Jordan News that Austin's visit coincides with the start of "direct escalation on the part of Israel towards Iran".

This escalation, he said, has not just focused on Iranian targets within Syria, but has also targeted sensitive sites in Iran.
The Kingdom is seeking “a truce in Palestine based on halting unilateral Israeli measures”.
Sabaileh also noted that Austin's visit shows US allies the “strong American presence in the region at all levels”, from the recent visit of US Secretary of State Antony Blinken to the West Bank to the defense secretary's military visit to Jordan.

Jordan ‘concerned’Political analyst Muhammad Al-Zawahra highlighted the military dimension of Austin's visit, stating that Jordan “is concerned about its northern borders with Syria and Iraq due to military movements in neighboring countries”.

In terms of politics, he said, the visit plays a role in circumventing Russian influence in the Middle East.

‘Truce’ based on halting unilateral Israeli measuresMeanwhile, political analyst Hamada Faraneh told Jordan News that the visit presents the bilateral relationship between Jordan and the US, which is based on mutual interests. The interest, he added, is shared by the US as senior officials are making efforts to promote calm and encourage Israel and Palestine to reach an understanding.

He said that the Kingdom is seeking “a truce in Palestine based on halting unilateral Israeli measures”.

Faraneh also said that Jordan “is part of an international coalition led by the US to confront Russia, China, and Iran in one way or another”.

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