Damascus economic forum to boost trade between Jordan and Syria

Amman - Ameer
(File photo: Ameer Khalifeh/Jordan News)
AMMAN — The Jordan Chamber of Commerce (JCC) and the Federation of Syrian Chambers of Commerce Saturday will hold the Jordanian-Syrian Economic Forum in Damascus, under the title “Participatory, not competitive.”اضافة اعلان

JCC Chairman Nael Kabariti, who will head the Jordanian delegation, said that “the forum will contribute to the development of trade relations between the two countries, especially in light of the global economic developments”.

He added that “JCC has made great efforts for a long time to overcome obstacles related to facilitating trade exchange with Syria, and to try to restore it to its previous levels, which will contribute to the reconstruction process in Syria.”

As part of the forum, “an exhibition of Jordanian products will be held, with the participation of 32 Jordanian companies working in the industry, services, transport, logistics, tourism, food and trade sectors,” Kabariti said.

With “the land route through Syria to Turkey and Europe facing some difficulties”, due to political tensions between Syria and Turkey, which impedes Jordanian land exports to Europe, this showcasing of Jordanian products could indeed help.

Political analyst Hamada Faraneh told Jordan News that “the forum is a reflection of the two countries’ need to strengthen their economic relationship, given that both see that they are in an economic impasse.”

It “is also a reflection of the political and economic awareness of the two countries and that there is a wide margin of understanding between them”, he said, adding that politically, Jordan “stresses the importance of ending the Syrian security crisis and emphasizes the Syrians’ right to security”.

Economist, and industry and investment specialist Musa Al-Saket said that “strengthening relations with neighboring countries is very important”, and pointed out that “Syria needs Jordan today more than ever, especially since Syria is heading toward reconstruction and there is need for engineering, chemical and pharmaceutical industries’ products.”

“I encourage this step, as it will contribute to boosting Jordanian exports, and this will help Jordan’s economic progress”, he said.

Investment and economic specialist Wajdi Makhamreh told Jordan News that “the forum will have a significant positive impact”, especially nowadays when there are attempts “to find a political solution for Syria”, adding that the initiative is expected to have “good results due to the geographical proximity and the distinguished relations between the two countries”.

Syria is a “devastated country that needs support, like Jordanian exports, in view of the sanctions imposed on it”, Makhamreh said.

He added that the political situation governs the economic relationships, which explains why “especially in the recent period, Jordanian exports have witnessed a significant decline due to the Syrian crisis”.

However, “there are great efforts aimed at finding a political solution and seeking to open an economic gateway between the two countries”, he said, and that should benefit both Jordan and Syria.

According to economist Zyan Zawaneh, however, the “Caesar Act prevents the return of economic and commercial life between Jordan and Syria as it was”.

“JCC made great efforts in this respect, as the Caesar Act does not mean a siege on Syria solely, but also, through its application, it means a siege on Jordan,” he said.

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