Unprecedented decrease in demand for chicken

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AMMAN — There is an unprecedented decrease in demand for poultry in the local market, reported poultry breeders who claimed that the drop is surprising, considering that there was no change in prices.اضافة اعلان

Abdul Majeed Samara, general manager for Jordan poultry processing and marketing company Hammoudeh, said that the declining demand “is sudden and unprecedented, without any obvious reason”.

“There is almost a 30-percent drop in demand for poultry in the past three months”, he told Jordan News. He insisted that the prices did not change, but that the “purchasing demand has decreased significantly”.

Samara pointed out that most poultry producers sell chicken at a price “less than the cost, therefore immediate action needs to be undertaken to protect the sector”.

Abdul Shakour Jamjoom, the head of the Poultry Investors Association, attributed the weak domestic consumption of chicken to the “scarcity of liquidity, and the decline in the citizens’ purchasing power”.

He told Jordan News that bolstering food security domestically should also include reducing taxes.

“The 5 percent tax imposed on the poultry sector should be paused, at least until international feed prices and shipping costs return back to normal averages,” he explained.

Member of the board of directors of the Poultry Breeders Union, Hassan Bu Diqer, told Jordan News that besides the lack of purchasing power, “the low price of imported chicken is affecting the demand for local chicken”.

“You can notice various offers in the markets on imported chicken,” he said. “That is because of the lack of control over feed quality.”

“They use mixed feed or animal feed, which is cheaper than vegetable feed, which is the type we are supposed to use in Jordan, based on consumer protection regulations”, he explained.

He said that “some factories import chicken, claiming that it is for the purpose of manufacturing, so that it is not subject to customs, where in fact it gets leaked into the market, and sold at lower prices.”

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