SOFEX to showcase modern tech and systems at AIDTSEC 2023 conference

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AMMAN — The Special Operations Forces for Exhibition and Conference (SOFEX) in Jordan has announced the second edition of its Artificial Intelligence in Defense Technologies and Cybersecurity (AIDTSEC) conference and exhibition.اضافة اعلان

The event, which will be held over two days on September 4–5 at the King Hussein Bin Talal Convention Center at the Dead Sea, focuses on the importance of utilizing strategic approaches in information security and smart applications.

The conference theme, "Networking for Digital Innovation," will highlight two main pillars, content and innovation, as cybersecurity threats become more prevalent.

Brig. Gen. Yousef Al-Khatib, chairman of the Board of Directors of SOFEX, emphasized the need for cooperation and exchange of expertise in cybersecurity and artificial intelligence, stating, "The focal point of the conference is to showcase modern technology and systems."

ArmyThone competition launchThis year's edition includes launching the first edition of the "ArmyThone" Competition designed for armed forces and security agencies.

The competition seeks to unite a select group of cybersecurity and encryption professionals to collate plans and theories to help combat and manage hacking and electronic forensic investigations.

Winners of the competition will be announced during the AIDTSEC 2023 closing ceremony after a four-day competition, which includes challenges on encryption, electronic forensic investigations, web penetration, open-source data, reverse engineering, and many others.

Ratib Abu Al-Ragheb, Sales Director of JODDB, told Jordan News that the center would support the conference by organizing the "ArmyThone" Competition.

He highlighted the need for regulatory instructions on ethics in artificial intelligence worldwide: "It is necessary to establish a global charter agreed upon by countries so that there would be no abuses or threats to the human race and countries."

The AIDTSEC conference is held every two years with the support of the Jordanian Armed Forces, the Ministry of Digital Economy and Entrepreneurship, and several public and private sector partners.

It showcases the latest technologies and developments in AI that focus on content and innovation, devised to help find vital solutions for daily operations, data protection, cyber security, and other AI-related issues.

Platform for expertsAhmad Al-Taweel, CEO of SOFEX, emphasized the commitment of all partners, both local and international, to achieve SOFEX's goals of promoting sustainable artificial intelligence skills and investing in AI infrastructure.

He commended the success of the first edition of the conference as a great motivation to organize the second edition, stating that the conference provides an ideal platform for communication with government officials, military personnel, experts in information technology, investors, regional and international delegations, and government officials.

Ayman Mazahreh, co-founder and CEO of STS, said: "Our role as a strategic partner in the conference revolves around achieving true convergence of innovation across all areas of information technology in general, and cybersecurity in particular, by forming a link between the conference and service providers."

"This is aimed at enriching the content and list of speakers, including influencers and global speakers, through our established relationships and partnerships with global IT companies," he said.

"We are keen on presenting the latest solutions and services that serve the national digital transformation plans of the Kingdom and the cybersecurity strategies of enterprises of all sizes."

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