Prices of produce bound to decrease

(File photo: Ameer Khalifeh/Jordan News)
AMMAN — The head of the Jordan Valley Farmers Union, Adnan Khaddam, said that consumers are bound to notice a decrease in the prices of fruit and vegetables due to the increase in the quantities available in central markets, despite the fact that this year “is unprecedented” in terms of a “lack of production and high prices”.اضافة اعلان

Khaddam told Jordan News that Jordanian farmers passed through some difficult conditions, primarily the frost that affected many crops, reiterating that the rise in prices this year, compared to 2021, will not last and will decrease in a few days.

Head of the Jordan Farmers Association Ibrahim Al-Sharif told Jordan News that farmers have been facing great challenges for years and that “our association has focused on prioritizing farmers.”

Sharif also said that this year frost damaged the crops, “which led to an increase in prices”, and stressed that “neglecting farmers and the high production costs” will contribute to the “loss of agricultural produce”. According to him, farmers have become reluctant to farm. That, and the lack of production materials, is responsible, in his view, for the amount of agricultural produce, which “will be in reasonable quantities, due to the rising temperatures, but not in the quantities available last year”.

On Sunday, Minister of Agriculture Khaled Al-Hneifat told Al-Mamlaka TV that a decrease in the prices of most types of vegetables and fruits can be expected within two days, calling on citizens not to rush to the markets.

Hneifat said that the decline in the prices of fruit and vegetables is due to the abundance of supply to the central markets: 4,910 tonnes on Saturday and 3,935 tonnes on Sunday.

A breakdown of figures shows that 325 tonnes of tomatoes, 330 tonnes of cucumbers, 225 tonnes of cauliflower, 122 tonnes of eggplants, 412 tonnes of potatoes, 277 tonnes of onions, and 142 tonnes of zucchini were recently supplied to the central markets.

The head of Jordan Exporters and Producers Association for Fruit and Vegetables, Saadi Abu Hammad, agreed that the rise in temperatures led to an increase in supply and thus a decrease in prices. He said that setting price ceilings is unfair and useless for both farmers and consumers because it does not lead to lower prices.

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