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Germany holds cross-border e-commerce event in Jordan

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(File photo: Jordan News)
AMMAN — A German government-affiliated enterprise organized a cross-border e-Commerce Day, introducing interested Jordanian businesses and start-ups to e-commerce, and its role in enhancing institutions’ works to reach a large-segment of their target audience. اضافة اعلان

The Trade for Employment Project, was implemented by GIZ, Germany’s leading provider of international cooperation services, on behalf of the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ).

The gathering, organized by BMZ, in partnership with the Ministry of Industry, Trade, and Supply, with the participation of 120 firms, was held at the Movenpick Amman Hotel on Wednesday. Zeid Abu-Aisheh, CEO and Co-founder of one of the participating firms called Gogo, said his company “is a platform connecting businesses with couriers, and delivery operators to fulfill orders while providing best service levels”.

“Through its technology, Gogo digitizes and optimizes logistical operations, providing highest returns for business owners,” Aisheh told Jordan News.

He contended that being open to new ideas, and adapting to new trends “is very important especially in e-commerce, as consumer behavior tends to change depending on the movers, largest e-commerce businesses, while keeping in mind that the road to success is never short”.

Mohammad Abu Tarboush, general manager of Online Fashion shops, said he has two branches, in Mecca Mall and Avenue Mall, and we “manufacture 60 percent of our products in Jordan, while we import 40 percent of clothes from Turkey”.

“We target women, who prefer to wear high-quality decent clothes at affordable prices,” added Tarboush.

“We are the second generation to take hold of this business, preceded by my father who started the business in the famous Palestinian city of Nablus, in 1959,” he said.

Tarboush said: “I studied mechanical engineering, and I had to work one month for my father when I was young, but the month did not end, and since I have been stuck in this field, as I found myself in clothes-manufacturing and selling.”

“We aim to produce a high-quality Jordanian product that is competitive in the external market,” he added.

Tarboush said that his company established a database of online customers, and we are “reaching places through online delivery due to the e-commerce, and the social media influence.”

“E-commerce opens unlimited horizons for businesses,” Tarboush noted.

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