Embassy holds Korean cooking video contest

South Korean Ambassador to Jordan Lee Jae-wan poses for a photo with the winners of the Korean embassy’s food video contest on Monday at the Korean embassy in Amman. (Photos: Ameer Khalifeh/Jordan News)
AMMAN — As Jordan and Korea celebrate 60 years of diplomatic ties this year, the South Korean embassy in Jordan organized a Korean food video contest to promote Korean culture in the Kingdom.اضافة اعلان

Fans of Korean culture and food compiled videos of themselves purchasing Korean ingredients, then cooking, eating, and reviewing their dishes of choice. Submissions were received by the embassy from September 22 to October 8.

The videos featured various Korean food creations, including japchae, gimpap, tteokbokki (chewy rice cakes), corndogs, deonjang-jjigae (soybean paste stew) and ramen.

The submitted clips were uploaded on the embassy’s official YouTube channel and were evaluated based on the number of views. An award ceremony was held on Monday at the embassy, and the top three creators won a JD100 voucher to Cozmo or Carrefour.

One of the things that makes Korean food special is the strong flavors that come from using sesame oil, lots of garlic, and different spices, first-place winner Nour Al-Zyoud (22) told Jordan News.

Zyoud, a fourth-year Korean language student at the University of Jordan, said she had tried Korean food several times before, and her experience with the cuisine was what encouraged her to participate in the contest.

Second-place winner Aseel Al-Sailawi (25) told Jordan News: “I’m so happy and excited that I had the chance to win and visit the Korean embassy.”

Sailawi has been interested in Korean culture for a long time, so she was eager to participate in the contest. She noted that she hopes more events revolving around Korean culture will be held in Jordan in the future.

The contest allowed the participants to try many new things — not just preparing and tasting Korean food, but also filming and editing videos, third-place winner Sarah Khader (21) said.

Other participants expressed their enjoyment of the process of cooking and sharing Korean food with their families.

Several expressed hopes that further similar events will be held in the Kingdom, to support interest in, and awareness of, Korean culture. Others said they hoped to see more Korean restaurants and markets in Jordan in the future, adding that they believe “many people would like it”, especially since Korean food is relatively healthy.

As he handed out the awards, South Korean Ambassador to Jordan Lee Jae-wan thanked the participants and encouraged them to continue exploring Korea’s culinary offerings through cooking.

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