90% of carp farms in Jordan Valley hit by deadly disease

dead fish
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AMMAN — The head of the Jordan Valley Farmers Union, Adnan Khaddam, told Jordan News that tens of thousands of carps died in Jordan Valley fish farms, with losses exceeding JD300,000.اضافة اعلان

Initially it was believed that the fish died from Koi Herpesvirus. However, later on Wednesday, Directorate of Animal Production at the Ministry of Agriculture Director Khalil Amr said that final lab results of tests on the dead carp showed that the fish were free of this viral epidemic.

Amr added that death was due to a fungal infection caused by the gill rot disease, which can be treated and managed.

According to Khaddam, the disease spread from the south Jordan Valley toward the north, affecting  90 percent of carp farms, which have been bred farmers and the state Treasury, to meet the needs of the local market.

Ministry of Agriculture spokesperson Lawrence Al-Majali told Jordan News that the ministry is monitoring the issue, and that an epidemic is possibly threatening fish farms, with symptoms beginning four days ago in the Al-Zour areas, which draws water from the Jordan River.

He added that fungal gill rot disease does not constitute an epidemic case and will not affect humans or animals.

Majali added that the ministry is working on developing a program to manage the disease in the short, medium and long term.

Minister of Agriculture Khaled Hneifat asked that all treatment-importing procedures be facilitated to deal with this disease, adding that “there is full cooperation with the Jordan Fish farming and Aquaculture Association”.

Chairman of the association Mohamad Shaheen told Jordan News that it is normal for fish to get infected, “especially in fattening projects”, adding that fluctuations in temperatures led to a decrease in the immunity of fish.

Shaheen stressed that the matter requires immediate action, assessment and compensation for farmers for their losses, work on insulation and sterilization of water, and feed examination.

According to Khaddam, it is important to have specialists in fish farming to deal with pests and diseases, and to support farmers by reducing production costs.

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