Khaldoun Abu Ruqayyah denies transfer rumors

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(Photo: Amjad Al-Taweel/Jordan News)
AMMAN  — Former national team captain and Al-Wehdat player, Khaldoun Abu Ruqayyah has denied recent rumors of completing a transfer to “Bam Basket” basketball club in Maldova, stating that he remains open to all possibilities.  اضافة اعلان

In response to Jordan News, Abu Ruqayyah said: “I’m not considering this offer for personal reasons, I’d rather stay and play here in Jordan, the offer is tempting and the experience is good, but I’m currently considering a lot of local offers and I believe that I’m tied with time for so many different reasons.”

The website, which is concerned with news of players transferring in various Arab and international leagues, touched on the possible transfer. 

The site referred to the news of the transfer, which would be his second experience with professional club after his first professional stint with Syria’s Al-Jalaa club.

However, the player stressed his desire to stay in Jordan, despite him feeling that local clubs had turned a blind eye and not offered him the contract he felt he deserved.