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The ABC Murders

The ABC murders - Agatha Christie
The ABC Murders by Agatha Christie
This is another Agatha Christie story I have read, although I am familiar with the Hercule Poirot series on television. This was also my first foray into this genre — most of the “mysteries” I have read are actually gory crime thrillers.اضافة اعلان

It was refreshing to have a main character, the dapper Poirot, instead of some gritty detective with emotional problems. Poirot is brilliant, polished, and funny. He’s even well-adjusted.

The story starts out with the arrival of a teasing letter at Poirot’s home. It warns of something happening in Andover on a specific day. When Alice Ascher is found dead, it’s obvious that the murderer is engaged in a lethal game with Poirot.

The cast of characters keeps expanding as more murders occur, including family members and distraught boyfriends. Although everyone is a suspect, there are mysterious chapters interspersed throughout the book that feature a strange man named Alexander Bonaparte Cust…A.B.C. Who is this man? What is his connection to the murders?

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