Senior CIA official supports Palestine in social media post

(Photo: Twitter/X)
LONDON – A report from the British newspaper the Financial Times on Tuesday revealed that a senior official in the US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) posted a supportive image for Palestine on Facebook just two weeks after the "Al-Aqsa Flood" operation launched by the Palestinian resistance on October 7.اضافة اعلان

As reported by Al-Ghad newspaper, the Financial Times described this as a "rare" public political statement by a senior intelligence officer about the war that sparked dissent and disputes within President Joe Biden's administration. The Deputy Director of Intelligence Agency for Analysis changed her Facebook cover photo on October 21 to an image of a man waving the Palestinian flag, symbolizing resistance to Israeli occupation. However, the newspaper did not mention the American official's name due to the CIA's "concern" for her safety.

This move was considered "highly unusual" for a senior intelligence official to excessively share political images on social media. It comes amid escalating tensions within the U.S. administration over whether President Joe Biden should exert more pressure on Israel to stop its aggression in Gaza.

The newspaper quoted an informed source saying that the intelligence official is a "professional analyst with a broad background in all aspects of the Middle East," and the post was not intended to express a stance on the conflict. The official has also reportedly posted content on Facebook opposing anti-Semitism.

The official did not respond to attempts to reach her through LinkedIn, but she deleted the pro-Palestine images and unrelated posts from her page on Monday, according to the newspaper.

Former intelligence officials expressed "astonishment" at one of the deputy assistant directors reporting to the head of the analysis division publishing an image on Facebook that reveals her "clear" political views on a "controversial" issue. The official was previously responsible for producing the President's Daily Brief, a highly classified intelligence briefing presented to the President most days.

In the same context, a former intelligence official was quoted by the Financial Times saying, "The public posting of a provocative political statement by a senior analytical director in the midst of a crisis shows a clear lack of judgment." Some intelligence community members were reportedly concerned that the post reflected bias that could undermine the work of the US intelligence analysis directorate.

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