It is time for the US to say ‘no’ to Netanyahu — Sanders

The Mawtini Dabkeh Troupe poses with US Senator Bernie Sanders in this undated photo.
(File photo: Jordan News)
WASHINGTON — US Senator Bernie Sanders has called on the US administration to cease providing financial support for Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's 'inhumane and illegal war, declaring that it is time for the US to say ‘no’ to Netanyahu, Khaberni reported.اضافة اعلان

In an article published in The Guardian, Sanders highlighted the dire situation in the Gaza Strip, stating, “Many of us are watching with horror the severe humanitarian catastrophe unfolding in Gaza. Unfortunately, too many of my colleagues in the House of Representatives and US Senate are choosing to ignore this reality and evade their congressional responsibilities.”

Sanders emphasized that the US provides $3.8 billion in military aid to Israel annually, highlighting the complicity of US-made bombs and military equipment in the destruction of Gaza.

“The bombs and military equipment that are destroying Gaza are made in America. In other words, we are complicit in what is happening."

He stressed that urgent humanitarian access is crucial, warning that without significant improvements, countless innocent lives, including thousands of children, could die due to dehydration, diarrhea, preventable diseases, and starvation.

The senator also noted that Israeli aggression has resulted in the deaths of over 25,000 Palestinians, with 62,000 injured, the majority being women and children. He highlighted the plight of thousands trapped under rubble and the displacement of 1.7 million people, constituting nearly 80 percent of Gaza's population. Sanders condemned Israel's indiscriminate bombing and restrictions on humanitarian aid, describing it as ‘one of the worst humanitarian disasters in recent history.’

Moreover, Sanders attributed the current situation to the choices made by political leaders, particularly Netanyahu, stating that Israel does not have the right to wage war on the entire Palestinian population. He underscored the growing awareness among Americans that the US cannot ignore Gaza's suffering, especially considering the role of US bombs and military equipment in exacerbating the crisis, urging Congress to take action.

Concluding his article, Sanders called for leveraging the US influence to demand an end to indiscriminate bombing and a humanitarian ceasefire to facilitate aid delivery to those in need. He also urged the Israeli government to take steps towards a two-state solution.

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