US reaffirms commitment to strategic partnership with Jordan

Dana Stroul
US Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for the Middle East Dana Stroul.
AMMAN US Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for the Middle East Dana Stroul reaffirmed the US’ commitment to its strategic partnership with Jordan, and highlighted the strong relationship between the two countries, built on decades of mutual commitment.اضافة اعلان

Stroul accompanied US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin on his visit to Jordan, where he met with His Majesty King Abdullah. Austin’s visit to the Middle East is aimed at reaffirming the US commitment to the stability and security of the region, and Jordan in particular.

‘Model’ relationship for the regionDescribing the US-Jordan relationship as a model for the rest of the region, Stroul noted that the two nations will keep looking for additional avenues to strengthen their already close ties, according to the Jordan News Agency, Petra.

She also highlighted that President Joe Biden’s commitment to Jordan is shared by both Republicans and Democrats in Congress.

Stroul emphasized that Secretary Austin’s visit is motivated by his belief that the path to Middle East stability and security will be through multilateral security cooperation, emphasizing the importance of the Jordan-US partnership.

She underscored that Austin's visit is also aimed at discussing mechanisms for enhancing and strengthening regional security, especially given that Jordan has long been a key leader in these efforts.

Regional roleStroul also discussed Jordan's significant role in the region's security, stability, and economic prosperity, which is highly valuable to the US.

The US official emphasized that Secretary Austin is aware that Jordan is in a very dangerous region with numerous threats and reiterated that the Department of Defense is committed to helping Jordan achieve regional security and stability.

She noted that Jordan plays a crucial role in bringing world leaders together, citing recent meetings in the city of Aqaba where officials from Jordan, Egypt, Israel, the Palestinian Authority, and the US came together to defuse tensions in East Jerusalem and the West Bank.

According to Stroul, channels of communication are essential so that the parties can “quickly come together, based on mutual understanding and trust, to reduce tension whenever it arises”.

She noted that in another meeting in Aqaba, His Majesty the King convened not only the region's leaders but also world leaders to discuss the threat posed by the terrorist organization Daesh across the Middle East and the world.

The US Department of Defense has a national defense strategy that outlines how to operate in the Middle East and calls for collaboration with allies and partners to cement regional security in light of terrorist threats, drone strikes, and maritime attacks, she added.

Military cooperationAccording to Stroul, when it comes to bilateral military cooperation, the US Department of Defense is particularly proud of the partnership between the US Army and the Jordan Armed Forces-Arab Army and said that the Jordanian army is very competent and has made significant investments toward modernization.

She stated that the seven-year Memorandum of Understanding between the US and Jordan, which is the longest one ever signed between the two nations and includes a significant amount of military aid, is helping to strengthen bilateral cooperation between the two countries.

According to Stroul, the memorandum was made because the US considers the Jordan Armed Forces to be a crucial partner to work with, particularly in the areas of maritime security, counterterrorism, and regional security, emphasizing the role that the Jordanian army plays in preserving the region's security.

She went on to say that the deal gives Jordan $400 million a year in security assistance, as well as economic aid and support for the refugees that the Kingdom is hosting.

It also outlines areas of cooperation like border security and counterterrorism, Stroul also said of the agreement.

Stroul stated that the role of the US is to keep expanding the opportunities for collaborative work on security, in addition to responding to crises like the Corona pandemic, in order to improve the security and stability of the region.

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