Two-thirds of Israelis see the need for Netanyahu to resign

(File photo: Jordan News)
TEL AVIV – A new opinion poll published by an Israeli channel reveals that about one-third of Israelis see the necessity for the immediate resignation of the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. This sentiment arises from the government's performance in political and security matters following the extensive attack launched by Hamas on Israeli towns on October 7. According to Channel 13, 72 percent believe that Netanyahu should resign either immediately or after the end of the war.اضافة اعلان

According to the survey reported by Khaberni, 41 percent confirmed their belief that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu should resign immediately after the war, while 31 percent thought he should resign immediately. Only 19 percent believed he should not resign at all. The channel stated that among Likud voters, the party led by Netanyahu, the situation is entirely different. Seventy percent of party supporters believe that Netanyahu should remain in office even after the war, compared to 20 percent who think he should resign after the end of the campaign.

The channel clarified that on a scale of 1 to 10, Netanyahu receives a satisfaction rating of 4.7 from the general public regarding his management of the war so far. In comparison, the Defense Minister and the Chief of Staff receive better positive indicators, with Yoav Gallant scoring 5.9, and Hertzi Halevi receiving a score of 6.6.

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