Hamas’ release of Israeli detainees on Sunday challenges IOF control narrative

(Photo: Twitter/X)

GAZA — In Gaza on Sunday, the Al-Qassam Brigades, the military wing of the Hamas movement, surprised Israel by releasing the third batch of 13 detained Israelis. During the handover, they conveyed a strong message to the Israeli Occupation Authorities (IOF) through a semi-military parade, demonstrating control with the presence of Palestinian civilians and masked members of the organization. Here are some of the messages they sent:

اضافة اعلان


  • "We are in control here": The Al-Qassam Brigades conducted a semi-military parade in an area considered a ground military operations zone for the Israeli army, challenging the narrative that Hamas has lost control in the northern Gaza Strip.
  • "A personal challenge to Netanyahu": By handing over Israeli prisoners in an area with recent face-to-face battles, Hamas aimed to respond swiftly to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's expectations of a weakened Hamas, asserting that they are still in control.
  • "Your soldiers are still in our grip": The choice of the handover location near the "Fist of Resistance" monument reinforced the message that Hamas still has control and influence, adding an element of uncertainty for the Israeli government regarding the fate of certain detainees.
  • "Popular support for resistance": The massive public gathering during the handover celebrated resistance, challenging claims that the Palestinian people, especially in the northern regions, have been displaced or are unsupportive of the resistance, countering the narrative propagated by the Israeli media.
  • "Psychological war against the Israeli public": The military parade and scenes of masked Hamas fighters created doubt about the Israeli army's control in the northern Gaza Strip, prompting discussions in Hebrew media and questioning the accuracy of the Israeli government's narrative.

Despite challenges and damage suffered by Hamas in the northern Gaza Strip, the movement remains resilient, far from waving the white flag. The Al-Qassam Brigades' actions challenge perceptions and assert their continued presence and influence in the region. 

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