Twin infants among those killed in an Israeli airstrike on Gaza

gaza infants
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GAZA - The Ministry of Health in Gaza announced that twin infants, Wisam and Naeem Abu Anzah, who were born just weeks after the outbreak of the war in Gaza, were buried on Sunday. They were the youngest among 14 family members who were killed in an Israeli airstrike on Rafah last night, Al-Mamlaka reported.اضافة اعلان

Their mother, Rania Abu Anzah, carried her daughter's body wrapped in a white shroud, placing it on her cheek and gently stroking her head during the funeral ceremony. One of the mourners nearby carried her second baby, whose blue pajamas were visible from beneath the shroud.

Tears streamed down Rania's face as she said, "My heart is broken," while mourners consoled her. She resisted when asked to leave her baby's body before burial, stating, "Leave her with me." Her husband was also killed in this airstrike.

The Ministry of Health in Gaza stated that these twins, a male and a female, were among five children killed in a strike on a house in Rafah. Their mother said she gave birth to them after 11 years of marriage, and they were her first children.


The grieving mother added, "We were asleep, by God. We neither shoot nor fight. We were asleep. What was their sin?"

Relatives said the twins were born about four months ago, approximately one month after the start of the war on October 7.

The bodies of the Abu Anzah family members killed in the aggression were placed in a row inside black body bags. As one man bid farewell to a killed child, another consoled him, saying, "May God have mercy on her."

Rania said she had hoped for a ceasefire before the start of Ramadan, as US President Joe Biden had anticipated. Ramadan is expected to begin around March 10.

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