Timeline: Israeli raids on Syria

2. SyriaIsrael
A fire truck near containers at the Syrian port of Latakia. An Israeli air strike hit a shipment of Iranian weapons in the Syrian port of Latakia on December 7, 2021. (Photo: Syrian Arab News Agency/AFP)
BEIRUT — A new Israeli air raid on Syria Tuesday is the latest in hundreds of attacks on its strife-torn neighbor since the civil war there began in 2011.اضافة اعلان
Here is a recap of some of the major reported raids, targeting the regime of Bashar al-Assad and his allies from Iran and Lebanon's Hezbollah.
Israel does not always confirm the raids.

2013: First strikes

In January 2013, Israeli planes hit a military complex near Damascus suspected of holding chemical agents, according to a US official.
Israel later implicitly confirms the strike for the first time since the start of the Syrian war in 2011.

In May 2013 Israel strikes the Jamraya scientific research center near Damascus, a weapons depot and an aircraft unit.

The Syrian observatory for Human Rights, a UK-based war monitor which relies on a network of sources inside the country, says 42 soldiers are killed.

2015: Hezbollah hit

In January 2015, a raid on the Syrian side of the Golan Heights kills six Hezbollah personnel and a general from Iran's Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps.

Hezbollah commander Samir Kantar, who spent almost 30 years in Israeli prisons, died in a raid blamed on Israel near Damascus in December 2015. 
In December 2017, Israeli planes again target the Jamraya research center along with a weapons depot, according to the observatory.

2018: Iranians targeted

In April 2018, Syria and its ally Russia accuse Israel of a dawn bombing raid on a Syrian airbase that kills 14, including seven Iranians.
Later that month, at least 26 mostly Iranian fighters are killed in a raid Syria says bore the hallmarks of an Israeli operation.

In May 2018, Israel carries out dozens more raids that month on what it says are Iranian targets, as Iranian rocket fire hits the Israeli-occupied Golan Heights. 

At least 27 pro-regime fighters are killed, including 11 Iranians, the observatory says.

Iraqi fighters too

In June 2018, 55 pro-regime fighters, from Syria and Iraq, are killed in strikes blamed by US officials on Israel, near to the Iraq border.
Iraqi pro-Iranian paramilitaries say they have lost 22 fighters.

2019: Retaliatory strikes

The following June Israel targets pro-regime positions near Damascus and in the province of Quneitra, in what it says is a response to rockets fired from Syria.

In November 2019, the Israeli army claims a series of large-scale attacks on regime and Iranian positions, in response to the rockets. According to the observatory 23 people, including 16 foreign fighters, are killed.

2020: '50 targets hit'

In February 2020, Israel hits military sites to the south of Damascus and in the province of Daraa killing at least 23 fighters, including eight Syrian soldiers and Iranians.

According to a report by the Israeli army, which rarely comments on its attacks, Israel hit around 50 targets in Syria in 2020.

2021: Deadliest operation

In the deadliest strikes since the start of the raids, Israel kills 57 regime force members and allied fighters in eastern Syria overnight January 13, 2021.

Main port attacked

On December 7, the observatory says an Israeli air strike hit a shipment of Iranian weapons in the Syrian port of Latakia, in the first such attack on the key facility.

Israel has carried out several strikes in previous months, killing five people on November 24 in parts of Homs province where Hezbollah is based.

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