Palestinian factions in Beirut agree on unity gov’t; call for immediate ceasefire

(Photo: Twitter/X)
BEIRUT — In a recent meeting in Beirut, the five Palestinian resistance factions, including Hamas, Islamic Jihad, Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine, and Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine - General Command, agreed on a national solution involving the formation of a unity government. اضافة اعلان

They issued a statement on Thursday affirming the halt of aggression before any exchange of prisoners. The participants discussed the developments of Operation Al-Aqsa Flood, praising the heroic resistance of the Palestinian people in Gaza against displacement projects amid a genocidal war.

The resistance in Gaza, particularly against the goals of the Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF), demonstrated remarkable unity, tactics, and courage, exceeding expectations. Operation Flood Al-Aqsa was described as transforming into an earthquake with repercussions reaching the international community, reinforcing the centrality of the Palestinian issue. The participants emphasized immediate and direct tasks, starting with an instant cessation of the war, which they call a genocide that aims to ethnically cleanse Gaza.

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