Palestinian factions speak up against Hamas’ crackdowns on protesters

Ahmed Majdalani, the secretary-general of the Popular Struggle Front
Secretary-general of the Popular Struggle Front, Ahmed Majdalani. (Photo: Twitter)
RAMALLAH — Ahmed Majdalani, the secretary-general of the Popular Struggle Front, stated in an interview with "Voice of Palestine" radio on Saturday, that it is the right of the Palestinian people to exercise their right to demonstrate and defend their civil, economic, and social rights, as guaranteed by the Basic Law.اضافة اعلان

This was in response to Hamas’ violent crackdowns on protesters in Gaza in the “We Want to Live” movement. These protesters want to see a change in the dire living conditions present, most prevalent of which is their over-taxation by Hamas.

Majdalani added that the de facto government sees the "We Want to Live" movement as a threat to its existence and an expression of its fears due to its oppressive rule in Gaza, where it fails to provide any services to citizens while collecting taxes from them, Amad News reported.

He further elaborated that suppression will not solve the crisis, and Palestinian people will always be ready to confront challenges. He called on "Hamas" to reconsider its policies before resorting to force, as there are other options such as ending the division, forming a national unity government, and other critical issues.

Perpetuating divisions
Mariam Abu Daqqa, a member of the Political Bureau of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, rejected the attacks by Hamas security forces on citizens protesting their deteriorating living conditions in Gaza, affirming that citizens have the right to protest for a better life.

Abu Daqqa also condemned the attacks on journalists covering the "We Want to Live" movement, aimed at achieving a dignified life in Gaza.

Another member of the bureau, Sufian Matar, stated that Hamas' policies are based on disrespecting others and their opinions, which perpetuates division and continuous the failure of reconciliation efforts.

Matar added that demonstrating and expressing opinions is a right guaranteed by the law, especially in light of the 16-year-long unemployment crisis and the lack of prospects, and it is their right to peacefully protest, and no one has the right to suppress these demonstrations protected by the Basic Law.

Jamal Nasr, a member of the Political Bureau of the FIDA Party, made a similar statement regarding the basic rights that should be available to those in Gaza. He also said that the role of the various factions in the movement is not as it should be, and called for a broader popular front towards enhancing democratic life and providing a dignified life for citizens.  

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