Palestinian FM rejects Netanyahu’s Gaza control plan

labels it reoccupation

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TEL AVIV — On Friday, the Palestinian Ministry of Foreign Affairs considered Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s proposed plan for the day after scenarios of Israel’s war on Gaza as “Official recognition of the reoccupation of the besieged Gaza Strip.”اضافة اعلان

The Ministry strongly rejected the plan, stating that it imposes Israeli control over the densely populated sector, which already suffering from the ongoing aggression, Al-Mamlaka TV, WAFA, reported.

The plan, proposed by Netanyahu before the Political and Security Ministerial Council, aims to "prolong the war of extermination against our people and attempt to gain more time to implement the displacement plan," the statement said.

The Ministry also called it “A scandalous maneuver to obstruct and thwart American and international efforts to link arrangements for stopping the war and releasing prisoners and hostages to resolving the conflict and embodying the Palestinian state on the ground."

It believed that "Netanyahu's principles explain the reason for his hostility and exclusion of the legitimate Palestinian Authority, and reveal the truth of his position rejecting the Palestinian state and political solutions to the conflict, and his choice of wars and the cycle of violence to prolong his presence and the right in power."

The Ministry called on the American administration and Western countries to quickly recognize the Palestinian state and support its acquisition of full membership in the United Nations and to begin international arrangements to hold an international peace conference that would lead to an end to the occupation and enable the Palestinian people to exercise their right to self-determination freely and with dignity on the land of their homeland and state, as stated in the statement. International legitimacy resolutions.

Palestinian presidential spokesman Nabil Abu Rudeineh said in response to Netanyahu’s plan, “Gaza will only be part of the independent Palestinian state with Jerusalem as its capital. Any plans other than that are doomed to failure, and Israel will not succeed in its attempts to change the geographical and demographic reality in the Gaza Strip.”

He added, "If the world wants there to be security and stability in the region, it must end the Israeli occupation of the Palestinian territories and recognize the independent Palestinian state with Holy Jerusalem as its capital."

Abu Rudeina continued: “The plans proposed by Netanyahu are aimed at continuing Israel’s occupation of the Palestinian territories and preventing the establishment of a Palestinian state.”

According to Israeli media, Netanyahu's proposed plan indicated a rejection of the reconstruction of Gaza without "disarmament." She explained that the Israeli occupation army will operate "freely" inside the Gaza Strip indefinitely.

The plan indicated that Israel would maintain the buffer zone it established inside the Gaza Strip “as long as necessary,” indicating that Israel would work along the “Philadelphia” axis between Gaza and Egypt.

The plan proposed that Gaza be governed civilianly by "local elements with administrative experience."

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