Israel is blaming everyone but itself for its own disgrace - Haaretz

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TEL AVIV – Khaberni reported that the war on the Gaza Strip has brought Israel’s standing to an unprecedented level of decline in popularity. Yet, Israel has taken no action to improve its international status.اضافة اعلان

In a Haaretz article titled “Israel is blaming everyone but itself for its own disgrace,” Israeli journalist Gideon Levy expressed his perception of Israel’s position among nations. He points out that no other country desperately needs courage and national pride like Israel, which turns minor achievements into grand events.

According to Levy, Israel avoids engaging in discussions about its clearly unlawful occupation, instead placing blame on anti-Semitism and global hypocrisy. Deliberately, Israel refrains from challenging the accusations leveled against it, as if saying, “If we close our eyes, they will not see us. If we ignore The Hague, it will disappear,” Levy wrote.

However, The Hague persists. Its sessions were resolute, unwavering, and serious regarding the charge of genocide. And they went beyond that by addressing the issue of occupation. Yet, Israel chooses to ignore it.

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