Israeli soldiers blow up Al-Shifa water pipeline continue attacks inside hospital

al shifa hospital in gaza
(Photo: Twitter/X)
GAZAIsraeli occupation soldiers are still inside the Al Shifa complex where they blew\ up the water pipeline, cutting all water from the hospital, the Director of the complex told Al Jazeera. 

He said water had completely run out from the hospital, as the hospital continued to be put under complete siege by Israeli tanks, drones and snipers. 

“There are no life essentials inside the hospital. We cannot remove the bodies from outside the departments. We have more than 650 patients, 500 medical staff, and over 5000 displaced persons,” He said. 

“The situation is tragic, and those in the hospital are screaming from thirst.”

He said garbage was beginning to pile up and all contact had been lost between colleagues in different departments. He added that at least 4 kidney dialysis patients were now at risk due to the lack of services.

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