Gaza ground operations test Israeli forces’ tactics – military analyst

tank tanks
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TEL AVIV — Israeli military analyst Tal Lev-Ram commented on Friday about the ongoing limited ground operations conducted by the Israeli Occupation Forces in Gaza. He pointed out that what occurred on Thursday with Brigade 13 under the command of Golani Brigade vividly illustrates the reality of the battlefield. He analyzed that Hamas has identified the army's vulnerability in its deployment within assembly areas. He continued by sharing that this was evident when they targeted Brigade soldiers who were awaiting combat instructions using suicide drones, rockets, and anti-tank missiles.اضافة اعلان

He continued, "Dozens of Hamas militants emerged from tunnel openings and engaged in direct combat with army forces in an area that was previously under our control. This indicates that Hamas is operating systematically according to a plan that has been prepared over the years, Al-Ghad reported.

The tunnel network remains intact and active, despite previous estimates by security agencies, which suggested that Hamas would engage in above-ground combat, rather than relying on tunnels following the targeting of the tunnel network during Operation Guardian of the Walls."

Showing no signs of surrender
He added, "It is now abundantly clear that the army is confronting militants who fight bravely and with organization, showing no signs of surrender, despite the month-long aerial bombardment of Gaza. This means that the army is entering a challenging phase with the potential for numerous casualties should ground operations persist."

He concluded by saying "The current plan being adopted by the army is more modest than previous expectations and statements. This is based on an understanding that the upcoming phase will be difficult and demanding, requiring social resilience, a cohesive home front, and the realization that the war will not conclude with a 100 percent complete victory. It is impossible to defeat Hamas without a ground operation or by merely discussing superficial achievements."

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