Jordanian politicians warn against "ISIS-ification" of Hamas

(Photo: Marfa)
AMMAN – Jordanian politicians have warned against the smearing of Palestinians and Hamas by likening them to Daesh and other extremist groups. They warn that this will only aid Netanyahu’s plans to continue the forced displacement of Gaza residents, which is part of a historical process in which Israel seeks to get rid of Palestinians in all Palestinian territories, according to Jo24. اضافة اعلان

Participants at the discussion session, held at the Institute of Politics and Society in Amman, expressed their concerns over the U.S. Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin's recent statement where he concluded that there is no room for neutrality or excuses regarding Israel's attack, which they argued gives Netanyahu a green light for the displacement operation.

Participants argued that there is an international agenda aimed at tarnishing the image of Palestinians, particularly Hamas, and associating them with the Daesh terrorist organization. This agenda has successfully influenced Western media. They emphasized the importance of taking initiative and making more effective use of social media platforms to build a clear Arab and Palestinian narrative, focusing on the dangers of the occupation. 

There is concern that Netanyahu is attempting to exploit this political sympathy to implement a pre-existing agenda to displace Palestinians, whether in Gaza or, later, in the West Bank. Members warned that any successful relocation of Palestinians to Egypt's Sinai Peninsula would set a dangerous precedent that could be replicated in the West Bank. Therefore, participants stressed the need to halt the Israeli attack on Gaza and prevent the passage of this scenario.

The members warned that Israel would not be able to easily eliminate Hamas - whose roots in the Gaza strip, and ideological reach beyond it, made it impossible to defeat simply through an extended military conflict. 

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