IOF completes the Netzarim Corridor, a road dividing Gaza Strip

(File photo: Jordan News)
TEL AVIV – On Monday, the Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF) announced the completion of a strategic road that effectively divides the Gaza Strip into two distinct sections, marking a significant development in the region's dynamics, Amad Media reported.اضافة اعلان

According to reports from the Israeli news channel, KAN, the IOF has finalized the division of Gaza into northern and southern sectors through the construction of a road known as the "Netzarim Corridor." Stretching from the Gaza-Israeli border to the Mediterranean coast, this corridor serves as a vital humanitarian artery, facilitating movement for Gazans between the southern and northern parts of the enclave.

Speaking on behalf of the IOF, spokesperson Daniel Hagari highlighted ongoing challenges posed by Hamas, accusing the group of intercepting humanitarian aid intended for Gaza's residents and impeding their access to essential resources, including food. Israel, in collaboration with several countries such as the UAE, Egypt, and the US, is actively engaged in efforts to ensure civilians can access food, water, and shelter while thwarting Hamas' attempts to seize these provisions.

Hagari emphasized Hamas' role in exacerbating tensions in Gaza, asserting the group's obstruction of ceasefire initiatives. He underscored the IOF’s readiness to execute a ground operation in Rafah, targeting specific Hamas brigades for dismantlement and destruction, should the situation escalate further.

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