IOF general warns against invasion of Rafah, backs diplomatic resolution

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(File photo: Jordan News)
GAZA – Amid escalating tensions in the Gaza Strip, Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF) Brigadier General Itzhak Brik has issued a stark warning against the proposed invasion of Rafah on Saturday.اضافة اعلان

In his statements, Brik highlighted the potentially catastrophic consequences for both Israel and Palestinian civilians and emphasized the need for a diplomatic solution rather than a military incursion, Al-Ghad reported.

Brik's warnings come amidst growing concerns over the potential escalation of violence in the region and underscore the urgent need for diplomatic efforts to address the underlying grievances and tensions between Israel and Palestine.

Brik's apprehensions were expressed during a series of consultations with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his war council members, where detailed plans for invading Rafah in the southernmost part of the Gaza Strip were under consideration. Brik's warnings were published in Haaretz and conveyed through various media interviews, causing ripples across Israeli society.

"Victory in war cannot be achieved solely through tactical battles or exceptional rescue operations," Brik asserted. He stressed the necessity of a comprehensive political strategy that considers the risks and implications of military action in Rafah. He posed critical questions regarding the feasibility and consequences of relocating 1.4 million refugees, the potential for mass panic, and humanitarian crises.

"Entering Rafah during Ramadan could ignite tensions in Judea and Samaria," Brik cautioned, emphasizing the broader geopolitical implications of military escalation with neighboring countries like Egypt and potential repercussions on Israel's international standing.

Highlighting the complexities of the situation, Brik proposed an alternative approach focused on securing the release of the Israeli captives and establishing an international civilian administration to replace Hamas' authority in Gaza. He warned against the long-term consequences of military intervention, urging policymakers to prioritize diplomatic solutions over military action.

"Even if we enter Rafah, we will not completely succeed in eliminating Hamas," Brik concluded. "Instead, we risk severe damage to Israel's political, security, and national immunity. We must push forward for an agreement to release the hostages, allowing us to exit the situation with dignity."

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