Former US envoys to Israel call for new approach to bilateral ties

Dan Kurtzer
Former US ambassador Dan Kurtzer. (Photo: Twitter)
AMMAN — Responding to Israel’s increasingly extremist government and policies, emblemized by recent judicial overhauls granting government officials further immunity to scrutiny, former US ambassadors to Israel have expressed concern over the future of US-Israel ties.اضافة اعلان

Speaking to the New York Times, former ambassadors Dan Kurtzer and Martin Indyk were among the figures to state the time has come for a new approach to the US-Israel relationship not centered on foreign aid.

Kurtzer elaborated, “Israel’s economy is strong enough that it does not need aid; security assistance distorts Israel’s economy and creates a false sense of dependency,” Haaretz reported.

“Aid provides the US with no leverage or influence over Israeli decisions to use force; because we sit by quietly while Israel pursues policies we oppose, we are seen as ‘enablers’ of Israel’s occupation,” he continued, adding that “US aid provides a multibillion-dollar cushion that allows Israel to avoid hard choices of where to spend its own money and thus allows Israel to spend more money on policies we oppose, such as settlements.”

Indyk, who served as US special Middle East peace envoy, said “Israel can afford it, and it would be healthier for the relationship if Israel stood on its own two feet."

The Biden Administration
The Biden administration is currently displeased by Benjamin Netanyahu's far-right government relating to the judicial overhaul, settlement expansion, and other matters relating to Israel's approach toward the Palestinians putting a potential two-state solution further out of reach.

The issue has only been exacerbated by Biden's refusal to formally invite Netanyahu to the White House for an official visit.

The Democrats have become increasingly divided on this issue, but due to labels of antisemitism from Republican rivals there is a hesitancy in politicizing it. But the Judicial overhaul has continued to make Democrats unsure of Israel’s democratic integrity.

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