67% fear of civil war in Israel – poll shows

Tel Aviv
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AMMAN — In a survey conducted by Hebrew Channel 12 on Friday, it showed that a significant 67 percent of sample participants expressed their fear of a potential civil war in Israel, while only 29 percent believe such a scenario is unlikely. اضافة اعلان

The survey comes just ahead of another week of legal trials, the revolutionary legislation, and a planned "Day of Disruption" on the following Monday, causing many respondents to express their concerns about the possibility of a civil war in Israel.

Moreover, amidst the stormy protests this week against the legislation to cancel the rationality reason in the Knesset, 46 percent opposed the law, compared to 31 percent in favor of it.

Simultaneously, as the legal revolutionary legislation progresses rapidly, threats from pilots and reservists to refuse service if the legislation is completed have escalated.

The public's stance on this controversial matter shows that 54 percent of the respondents believe the government should take these threats into account, while 36 percent think otherwise, with 10 percent unsure.

Public opinion on Netanyahu v. Biden
The survey also explored public opinion on the crisis in relations between Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and US President Joe Biden, with the American President criticizing the Israeli government. Interestingly, 52 percent of respondents hold the Netanyahu government primarily responsible for the crisis, while 30 percent blame the American government. Moreover, 62 percent believe that Israel should take into consideration the American government's position, while 33 percent think otherwise.

Meanwhile, in contrast to the previous survey, where Netanyahu led, this time 37 percent of respondents believe Benny Gantz is more suitable for the position, edging out Netanyahu by 1 percent. Notably, 15 percent of respondents, who identified themselves as Likud voters, now support Gantz, reflecting the increasing popularity of Gantz's alignment with the revolutionary policies as they advance.

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