Euro-Med urges international human rights committees to investigate Israeli war crimes

gaza 05
(Photo: Twitter/X)
GENEVA Euro-Mediterranean Human Rights Monitor has advocated for the establishment of an international human rights committee to assess Israel’s actions against Palestinian civilians. The organization emphasizes that any UN fact-finding committees investigating Gaza should personally collect victim testimonies and witness the deteriorating humanitarian situation.اضافة اعلان

Euro-Med urges the International Criminal Court's Prosecutor to lead this effort, dispatching representatives for field visits in Gaza, speaking with victims and witnesses, and overseeing on-site investigations.

Simultaneously, the organization calls on global media outlets to utilize the truce, strengthening their on-site presence and reporting on Gaza's humanitarian situation to counter the media blackout during the Israeli war.

Euro-Med insists that the UN and its agencies fulfill their duties by genuinely supporting Palestinian civilians, cautioning against mere verbal declarations without substantive action, especially with Israel's declared intention to intensify fighting after the temporary truce.

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