Euro-Med Monitor believes 20,000 have possibly been killed in Gaza

(Photo: Twitter/X)
GENEVA — As the war on the Gaza Strip enters its seventh week, Euro-Med Human Rights Monitor said on Monday that the death toll from Israel’s genocide campaign has likely risen to 20,000 dead Palestinians, including those missing under the rubble with little hope of survival.اضافة اعلان

Euro-Med Monitor estimated that at least 15,271 Palestinians in Gaza have been killed, including 3,561 women and 6,403 children. Over 32,310 additional people have been injured by the Israeli attacks, many of whom are in critical condition and unable to receive even the bare minimum of medical attention due to the Gazan health system’s collapse.

There are reportedly 4,1500 people missing beneath the debris of buildings hit by Israeli air and artillery strikes, with little chance of their survival. Hundreds of bodies that cannot be recovered remain on the roads, according to Euro-Med Monitor, particularly in areas where the Israeli army has conducted ground incursions.

According to the rights organization, 55,200 housing units have been completely destroyed by the Israeli attacks, while 160,700 others have been partially damaged. One hundred and seventeen health facilities, as well as 223 schools, 821 industrial facilities, 177 press offices, 75 mosques, and three churches, have been targeted.

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