Closure of Ibrahimi Mosque Continues for Second Day

Jewish worshipers perform Talmudic rituals inside Muslim shrine

Closure of Ibrahimi Mosque Continues for Second Day 02
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OCCUPIED WEST BANK – The Ibrahimi Mosque in the center of Hebron was shut to Muslim worshippers for the second consecutive day, Tuesday, as Jewish settlers celebrated marking the Jewish holiday of Sukkot, as reported by Quds Press. اضافة اعلان

Israeli authorities decided to close the mosque on Monday and Tuesday to worshippers and subsequently closed the entire "Bab al-Zawiya" area and all the shops within it on Monday, through the large-scale deployment of Israeli soldiers.

Violent confrontations erupted between Palestinians and Israeli occupation forces in the city center, resulting in one youth being shot with live ammunition and others suffering from suffocation.

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Israel continues to restrict worshipers and visitors at the Ibrahimi Mosque by closing it for 10 days each year and preventing the Muslim call to prayer at various times, while fully controlling 63 percent of the mosque.

The Palestinian Minister of Awqaf, Hatem al-Bakri, said last Sunday that settlers, protected by Israeli forces, had stormed the Al-Aqsa Mosque 18 times, while the call to prayer was prevented 60 times in the Ibrahimi Mosque during the month of September.

Hamas official, Haroun Nasser al-Din, said the scenes in Hebron exemplified “the occupation's hatred for all religions and human values” and praised the Palestinian people for their resistance

The Ibrahimi Mosque, or Tomb of the Patriarchs as Jews call it, is believed to hold the grave of the prophet Abraham, his wife Sarah, their son Isaac and grandson Jacob, and their wives Rebecca and Leah. 

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It has long been a point of contention and violence in the West Bank city, most notably when a Jewish extremist massacred 29 Palestinians while praying in 1994 leading to the holy site being divided in half by the Israeli authorities under the guise of security. 

The mosque is expected to reopen to Muslims on Wednesday.

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