America sets a deadline for Israel to end the war on Gaza

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WASHINGTON – The official Israeli broadcasting authority reported on Tuesday, that the administration of U.S. President Joe Biden has set the beginning of next year as a "final" deadline for the war waged by the occupation on Gaza to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.اضافة اعلان

As reported by Al-Ghad Newspaper, the Israeli channel, on its "X" website, pointed out that this will coincide with the start of internal elections in the Democratic Party to choose the party's candidate for the U.S. presidential elections.

The channel also reported that the United States has also requested an "immediate" increase in the entry offuel into Gaza.

The same source reported on Monday, that Netanyahu confirmed to Knesset members and American officials that there will never be a Palestinian Authority in Gaza.

Netanyahu stated on Tuesday that his government has allocated a budget for a full month amounting to 30 billion shekels ($9 billion) to cover the needs of the war and its repercussions, describing it as a "large budget," at a time when the Israeli economy is going through a real "paralysis," incurring daily losses estimated at hundreds of millions of dollars.

Preliminary data collected by the Israeli Ministry of Welfare and Social Security indicates a risk of a deteriorating situation for thousands of families with weak economic backgrounds.

Defeating Hamas is still far off
The former head of the intelligence division in the Israeli army Tamir Hayman, said that the defeat of the Hamas movement in the Gaza Strip "is still far off," based on challenges, especially in the southern part of the sector, which he said threatens Tel Aviv's achievement of a quick victory over the Palestinian movement.

Hayman added in an analytical article published on the website of the Hebrew Channel 12 on Tuesday that "the conclusion at the present time is that we are still far from that, there is a lot of work in the northern Gaza Strip, while in the south, we have just begun."

He added, "Fighting resumed in Gaza after a temporary calm, and the challenges facing the State of Israel have increased, and the tactical achievement that will continue and intensify in the coming period must be translated into a comprehensive strategic plan."

He continued, "We must buy time because we have no other option, and our deterrent status and security in the Middle East will only be guaranteed by achieving a decisive victory."

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