56% of Israeli’s are dissatisfied with state of democracy - census

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AMMAN — The Israeli Central Bureau of Statistics release the results of their census, which included results from over two million people. According to the bureau, the population of Israel reached approximately 9,795,000 people by the Hebrew New Year.اضافة اعلان

Economic and societal trends
The current report from the Bureau also touched on public sentiments amid plans to weaken government institutions. It noted that 56 percent of respondents were dissatisfied with the "state of democracy in Israel," while 40 percent expressed satisfaction.

About 73 percent believe that religion has a strong impact on life in Israel, with 77 percent of Jews and 52 percent of Arabs agreeing. Additionally, 56 percent felt that the influence of religion in various areas has increased in recent years, and 49 percent of Jews believe in the separation of religion and state.

According to the data, 43 percent of Arabs and 7.6 percent of Jews felt they were poor during the past Hebrew year. Furthermore, the data indicated that approximately 30 percent of the population struggles to cover their monthly expenses.

About 65 percent reported that their economic situation did not change in the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic, but 28 percent stated that their economic situation worsened.

Population diversity in Israel
Jews make up 73 percent of the population, totaling 7,181,000. Arabs constitute 21 percent, with a population of 2,065,000, including around 400,000 in occupied Jerusalem and the Golan Heights. The remaining 6 percent are categorized as "others," totaling 549,000, mainly consisting of non-religious and the majority being non-Jewish immigrants from former Soviet Union countries, as reported by Khaberni.

The population increased by 194,000 individuals, a 2 percent increase compared to the previous Hebrew year, during which 172 babies were born, and 48,000 citizens passed away, alongside approximately 66,000 new immigrants.

The Central Bureau of Statistics expects the population to rise to 10 million by the end of 2024, 15 million by 2048, and 20 million by 2065.

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