BAST warms hearts in Jabal Al-Lweibdeh

From feline friends to community haven

From feline friends to community haven: BAST
(Photos: Mohammad Abdallah/ Jordan News)
In the heart of the scenic neighborhood of Jabal Al-Lweibdeh, a special sanctuary has blossomed, marrying the pleasures of a café with the homely embrace of a cat shelter. Benefaction for Animal Save & Treatment or BAST Space where you can grab a drink and play with a feline friend.اضافة اعلان

Conceived from the compassionate vision of Veterinarian Abdulrahman Jadallah, stands as a pillar of hope, fostering a nurturing environment for both feline friends and the community that envelops it.

Joyful warmth with some furry friends
The cat café haven provides a place where compassion and warmth entangle with the presence of some new furry friends. As a vibrant hub where animal lovers can learn more about cats, this is a perfect place to go to enjoy a delightful selection of beverages, meet some new feline friends, and walk away with a few heartwarming tales.

Every visit feels like an affectionate hug, creating a cozy and pleased atmosphere. This haven offers comfort and happiness to all who enter.

In the face of the 2020 lockdown's unprecedented challenges, BAST embarked on a mission to forge a sanctuary for abandoned cats. Blossoming into a vibrant and warm café by March 2023, it defied the financial constraints that often stifle self-funded projects. Drawing inspiration from similar Far East initiatives, BAST showcases resilience and an unyielding spirit, carving a unique path in a landscape where many falter.

Innovating for sustainability and compassionWhat distinguishes BAST is its innovative approach to sustainability, integrating a café within its sanctuary. This café stands as a beacon of kindness and responsibility, offering more than just a delightful experience. It serves as a vital revenue stream, ingeniously ensuring the initiative's longevity while championing the noble cause of preventing domestic cat abandonment, a crisis deepened during the lockdown.

BAST has fostered a self-sustaining cycle of compassion and care, introducing a small entry fee of JD3 per person and leveraging café revenues. This strategy not only nurtures a haven of joy and warmth but also cultivates a community united in their affection for animals. It is a place where café joy meets the noble cause of animal welfare, a testament to the remarkable outcomes achievable through innovation, compassion, and a sustainable approach to animal welfare.

Home to 14 resident catsHome to 14 resident cats, BAST goes beyond being a café. Responsible pet ownership and sterilization discussions thrive in this haven of love and care.

Engaging the communityThrough various community-driven endeavors, BAST strives to nurture both well-being and inclusivity.

From therapeutic cat yoga sessions to specially designed activities for children with autism, the café leverages the healing presence of cats to foster positivity and healing in the community.

With a steadfast commitment to the welfare of the feline community, BAST harbors ambitious plans for the future. The inauguration of an upper-floor veterinary clinic stands as a testimony to their growing endeavor to enhance the well-being of their feline residents and the community at large.

Not just a cat café, but Jadallah's dream come true—a place of learning, collaboration, and joy where every visitor, whether on two legs or four, discovers solace and happiness.

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