Awamleh elected president of Jordan Wrestling Federation

(Photo: Jordan Olympic Committee)
AMMAN — The General Authority of the Jordan Wrestling Federation elected its board of directors for the upcoming Olympics during an electoral meeting held at the Federation's headquarters in the presence of delegates from the Jordan Olympic Committee.اضافة اعلان

The board of directors of the Jordan Wrestling Federation, in the category of appointees, included Abdullah Qtaishat, Tariq Al-Bitar, and Reham Al-Saghir. Raed Sidqi and Israa Jumaa won by acclamation in the category of retired players. The representative of Abu Nasir Club, Mohammad Al-Awamleh, and the representative of Al-Nasr Club, Muzaffar Al-Abdallat, won uncontested in the clubs category.

Following the electoral process, the Board of Directors of the Jordanian Wrestling Federation held its first meeting to distribute the positions, choosing Mohammad Al-Awamleh as president, Abdullah Qtaishat as vice president, Muzaffar Al-Abdallat as the secretary, Raed Sidqi as the treasurer, and Esraa Jumaa, Reham Al-Zughayer, and Tariq Al-Bitar as general members.

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