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ARIES: You may win someone’s instant trust and admiration. This can be a good time to appear in public places. If you are already paired up in a romantic relationship, this is an excellent time to show your affection.اضافة اعلان

TAURUS: You might think you are at your best when you are intently focused on material success. If you take this to extremes, however, you might upset a partner or loved one who wants the attention that money cannot buy.

GEMINI: A loving partner may brighten your day with demonstrations of devotion. Pay attention because otherwise you might miss a chance to improve your situation. Your hard work can bring you admirable results.

CANCER: Doom scrolling can be depressing. If you concentrate on the worst or most negative events you might overlook a happy conversation or the positive outcomes that occur. Don’t dwell on anxieties or troubles.

LEO: You may not find the answer just yet — be sure you know the question. Love can be the most powerful force known to mankind but also the most difficult to define. Enjoy being with someone you care about.

VIRGO: Enjoy family fun or local social activities. You may need to stand strong and uphold boundaries when dealing with partners or business contacts to avoid being pushed, prodded or led into making an unwise change.

LIBRA: Friendly flirtations or conversations may tweak your interest and propel you into a beneficial relationship. Be cautious about expressing sudden impulses when handling work-related matters or taking unexpected phone calls.

SCORPIO: Count your blessings rather than your money. A tranquil heart and peace of mind might be one of your most important assets. You may wish for more privacy to work on a creative project or to enjoy a romantic activity.

SAGITTARIUS: The force of love can draw two people closer like a tractor beam on a sci-fi starship. This could be a fine time to make a romantic commitment or take a few steps towards forming a closer relationship.

CAPRICORN: Some people may have the day off, but some don’t. If you must work today, you might start falling behind if you take time out for social exchanges, or you may become impatient with those who refuse to be serious.

AQUARIUS: Test the strength of your convictions. If you choose to uphold the highest standards, be sure you can live up to them. A friend might introduce you to ideas and possibilities you never considered before.

PISCES: You may be vulnerable to deception if you try to mix business with pleasure. The person who wines-and-dines you might have ulterior motives. Steer clear of anyone who invites you to attend a secret meeting.

IF NOV. 25 IS YOUR BIRTHDAY: Your business acumen could be at a low point as the next two to three weeks unfold. Put business plans aside until the first half of January, when you may be wiser than usual. That is a fortunate time to launch important endeavors. You could move into a new home, start a new job, or begin a new course of study while your good fortune is at a peak. Embrace any opportunity or offer that arrives at this time as it may be of lasting benefit. February is a good time to join a gym or really any organization where you can connect with new people who share your interests. Buckle down to work and remain in your integrity in March when your character or ethics may be tested. Do not add to your obligations but take good care of those you already have.

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