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ARIES: This might not be the best time to hold a heart-to-heart discussion. No matter how sincere you are, or how charming, a partner or loved one could dissect your words and hold your ideas up to heavy scrutiny.اضافة اعلان

TAURUS: To be successful you should be passionate about success. Despite an obsession with a project, you may yearn for a break in routines. Someone new in your circle could brighten your day with some fresh ideas.

GEMINI: There is a limit to the number of balls you can juggle. An unwise decision to take on some more work might backfire, or you could be distracted by a family feud. Do not disrupt a peaceful relationship with doubts.

CANCER: No matter which way the wind blows, your internal moral compass will likely find true north. There is no need to rethink your financial arrangements, although some of your friends could suggest some alternatives.

LEO: Don’t change a thing when you have a good thing going. Your most profitable projects may run like clockwork, so say “no” to any urge to tweak them. You may be called upon to deal with people that have rapidly changing moods.

VIRGO: Roll up your sleeves and do the work. Shrewd strategies to get ahead without making any effort usually fail, and you cannot predict the ups and downs of the business world. Consistent efforts pay off most consistently.

LIBRA: You may be in the mood for something exciting and be attracted to the latest trends. However, don’t chase perfection, it’s an illusion that wastes time and drifts forever out of reach. Let good enough be good enough.

SCORPIO: A change of heart might be helpful although it could disrupt your plans. You may meet exciting people who are only with you for a short time. Problems within a relationship might evaporate if you change tactics.

SAGITTARIUS: A new and different approach may yield better results. You may often be more generous and giving than most, so you deserve to receive some rewards, too. Follow through on a promise to keep the peace.

CAPRICORN: Your poise under fire can make people take notice. Use penetrating insights to tackle creative projects with flair You’re probably at your best when you are under pressure or when you are involved in a competitive situation.

AQUARIUS: Tell it like it is. Plain talking can bring the necessary facts out into the open. You might be self-conscious when you are invited to participate in group gatherings, but enough people should accept you just the way you are.

PISCES: Enjoy soothing and romantic ideas whenever you find them, although reality has a way of peeking through. This isn’t the best time to take sides or to sign a binding financial agreement on the spur of the moment.

IF NOV. 2 IS YOUR BIRTHDAY: The upcoming two to three weeks is an excellent time to go off on an inspiring escapade or weekend getaway with a special someone where you can explore your romantic fantasies. Family emotional issues could cloud your joy in early December; do what you need to do to process them so you stay clear. Enjoy cozying up to friends and making the rounds on the social circuit when possible. Concentrate on using your experience and expertise to help you achieve your ambitions in late December when you are wiser and more astute about end of the year financial strategies.  In January keep your nose to the grindstone and follow the rules. Wait until February when you will have the opportunity to make dreams come true to put your plans into action. You might be a bit too trusting, so you should closely examine any offer that comes your way.

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