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ARIES: A partner or loved one might need to share something that may feel somewhat uncomfortable. Making changes to your banking or shifting your investments can have unexpected consequences in the week ahead.اضافة اعلان

TAURUS: Moving forward with the latest trends and making changes could actually set you back. In the upcoming week, tensions can erupt unless you are careful to toe the line. Learn from criticism; avoid confrontations.

GEMINI: Timely support may not be available if your great ideas or enthusiasms fail to gain traction in the week ahead. Moving forward, make an effort to be more attuned to a situation and more sensitive to other people’s feelings.

CANCER: If you get stuck with the short straw, you might need to take on extra financial obligations. Exercise your perceptiveness and rely upon an ambitious partner’s strength and will to succeed as the week unfolds.

LEO: When ego gets involved, it can be hard to learn or grow. Set pride aside and step up to become your best self. You can handle weighty obligations by being more astute and relentless about achieving your objectives.

VIRGO: You could experience consequences if you ignore your duties or responsibilities in the week to come. Be careful that you don’t give offense and recognize that loved ones could be sensitive to imagined challenges.

LIBRA: Perfection is a mirage that perpetually remains in the distance. In the week to come you can add some finishing touches to a project, but it is best not to begin anything new. Be budget-conscious and conserve your resources.

SCORPIO: If you become triggered when someone seems disapproving or controlling, it’s time to heal the old trigger point.. Maintain a low profile, avoid disagreements, and do not launch important plans in the week ahead.

SAGITTARIUS: Someone’s passive-aggressive tendencies can create a rift in the week ahead. Workplace disruptions and dysfunctions might add to your worries. Remain calm, be accountable, and learn from mistakes.

CAPRICORN: Try to remain in your center and be wise, even if you feel backed into a corner financially by circumstances outside your control. More options should arrive soon. Don’t be afraid to hold out for better terms next week

AQUARIUS: Some chapters of your life should remain unpublished, avoid oversharing, sharing with the wrong people or calling attention to highly private matters. In the week ahead follow the rules, remain efficient and meet all deadlines.

PISCES: Someone might play too rough when they toy with your affections in the week ahead. Avoid arguments and hurt feelings by trying to be more sensitive. Loved ones aren’t toys to put aside when you are tired of playing.

IF NOV. 6 IS YOUR BIRTHDAY: You could build up a vision of possibilities and give it structure as the next four five weeks unfold. Your imagination is strengthened and reinforced by listening to inspiring people who could trigger your ambitions. Fascinating new friends and groups can fuel your appetite for new ideas and exciting concepts. The world could become your oyster in January when your business sense may be enhanced, so you can make smart financial decisions and you are prepared to make major changes. You may rub shoulders with the rich and famous or receive publicity yourself as February unfolds. Your popularity grows and your talents shine, so this is a good month to interview for a new position, change jobs or meet people who are trustworthy. You may receive long awaited rewards for your honesty or an opportunity to improve your life by making a commitment to a person or a cause.

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