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ARIES: Wait for the good news. There might be some gloom and a chill in the air, but you might find a reason to be glad. Loved ones can be more demonstrative and affectionate after work and home duties are completed.اضافة اعلان

TAURUS: Patience paves a safer path. Sometimes you are merely a cog in the wheel and will not receive the attention you may crave, and other times it’s your turn to shine. Fighting change or focusing on mistakes will not Be constructive.

GEMINI: You might be grasping for straws to attain more security. Conflicts can eventually subside if you refuse to lose your temper even when provoked. Bottled up resentments should not be shaken now or they may explode.

CANCER: Work hand in hand with an ambitious and conscientious partner. Check out the bank balance and make sure you are in the black — there could be extra bills on their way. Focus on plans for upcoming family fun.

LEO: Try not to make crucial decisions or changes. Someone may become frustrated if you attempt to take charge or call the shots. You may not be pleased with results if you insist on absolute obedience to a rule.

VIRGO: Moderation in all things should be your objective now. Be respectful toward authority figures and avoid useless controversies as they’re unlikely to resolve yet. Put important documents and contracts on the back burner for now.

LIBRA: Time is on your side. If you are patient, some joy and comfort may appear just around the corner. Set reasonable spending limits and don’t let a chip on someone’s shoulder disrupt your own sense of well-being.

SCORPIO: Bad feelings can linger if you express your resentments now. You might be saddled with extra responsibilities, but don’t volunteer for them. Your social skills may be enhanced, helping you get along with important people.

SAGITTARIUS: Bad news is unlikely to land well right now, wait for a better opening to face a tough situation. Avoid any appearance of plotting or scheming because even with the best intentions, someone might question your motives.

CAPRICORN: Your caution or hesitation might be founded on unpleasant past experiences — ask yourself whether the situations are parallel. Refuse to consider investment opportunities and delay major expenditures until you feel more secure.

AQUARIUS: Ignoring the rules can create costly mistakes. There are some things that are beyond your control. Right now, it is important to honor your past commitments and sidestep taking on new obligations.

PISCES: It’s not always possible to get what you want exactly when you want it. Do your best to get the support you want but be patient if someone is not ready. Avoid misunderstandings by adopting a positive attitude.

IF NOV. 10 IS YOUR BIRTHDAY: Friends, your social network and group interactions could be the focus of your attention as the next two to three weeks unfold. Since you are likely more romantic at heart, your love life may blossom in early December, or you may be drawn to inspiring holiday activities. You could be singled out for special attention in January when your most trustworthy friends might offer their support. People may begin to sit up and take notice of your leadership abilities in January, too. Your career aspirations could come to fruition because you have enhanced practical skills. Late January and early February is an excellent time to put plans for a major change into action or to obtain publicity for any astute business negotiations. Early March is a good time for a vacation or to develop some imaginative ideas. You could make a fabulous new friend or enjoy a delightful weekend with a romantic partner.

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