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ARIES: Show your appreciation. Go out of your way to return the favor for someone who has helped you in the past. There is no reason to hold back today when it comes to showing loved ones that you really care.اضافة اعلان

TAURUS: If you want to get anything done, you may need to do it yourself. Take charge of your own responsibilities and avoid relying on others for help. Consistent practice without shaming yourself is the key to breaking a bad habit.

GEMINI: Make no assumptions. Talk issues over with a friend or colleague and learn where they stand as their true perspective may surprise you. Don’t mistake basic politeness as an agreement or as encouragement to move forward.

CANCER: You can only finish with the past when you do the work to heal it. If a piece of old business is still triggering you, look into ways to heal the trauma so you can truly move ahead. Make amends for anything you did.

LEO: Make more time to manage stress and do good self-care. Don’t allow a busy calendar of obligations to cause you to forget how to chill. Find a happy medium between work and play or you may risk burning yourself out.

VIRGO: Do whatever works best. It is completely up to you to use your own methods at your own discretion to see a task through. Someone may offer well-meaning advice, but only you know what is best for you.

LIBRA: Follow your bliss. Whether it is business or pleasure, set your goals based on your heart’s desires, and then figure out how to make them happen. Those who share your interests and views can give you the biggest boost.

SCORPIO: Remain centered and unattached. Don’t shame yourself or dwell on past mistakes but use what you’ve learned to avoid making the same mistake. Keep doubts private; others should respond well to your confidence.

SAGITTARIUS: Build yourself a team. Try to explain your goals to loved ones rather than making demands and they may more happily pitch in to help. Find unique and creative ways to show your partner love and affection.

CAPRICORN: Joy has a value of its own. While an impractical item may not fit in your budget, the cost may be outweighed by the pleasure it brings. Just don’t make a habit of over-straining your resources.

AQUARIUS: Doubt may be your worst enemy. If you only dwell on the negative aspects of an issue, you may overlook what you stand to gain. Be objective and weigh both the pros and cons before you move forward.

PISCES: Keep an open mind. A new acquaintance might have valuable knowledge to share with you if you can get over your initial reservations. While your views may not change, you can better understand differing opinions.

IF OCT. 26 IS YOUR BIRTHDAY: Stick to business as usual and do not be distracted by emotional outbursts or what could seem like wavering loyalties during the coming two to three weeks. Your judgment and common-sense approach can give you the upper hand in negotiations and financial affairs in late November. As December arrives, you might notice an uptick in your social life and enjoy happy times with casual friends. Your creativity may be more noticeable in January when you can daydream to your heart’s content. Take advantage of your romantic idealism and enjoy a vacation or weekend getaway late in the month. Your ambitions for financial security might grow during February when you can put your experience to good use and be more self-disciplined and organized.

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