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ARIES: You might bask in flattery, but it could become clear that some of your friendliness may have been misinterpreted by someone. Hard work can bring the rewards you desire so do not relax and become indulgent too soon.اضافة اعلان

TAURUS: You may feel like a dynamo of strategic planning, but your arrangements could work against your own best interests. You might be inspired to investigate tools that employ the latest technology or to make new plans.

GEMINI: Inspiring conversations could provide the necessary enthusiasm to move forward with a creative change. Make decisions at your own pace, work diligently and don’t be intimidated by any pressure to give up.

CANCER: Look at relationships objectively even if you must face some difficult feelings. Some of the tensions should subside in a day or two, so just remain patient — any emotional storm should blow over very quickly.

LEO: Handle financial decisions with logic, not emotion. You may have big dreams and yearn for romance but you could mistake possessiveness for love. You might be tempted to escape from a difficult situation rather than facing it.

VIRGO: Circle your wagons. You might need the protection of friends and mentors when you are in unknown and dangerous financial territory. You may be challenged to remain straightforward when it seems safer to be discreet.

LIBRA: Appearances can be deceptive. Someone may read their own meaning into your words or think you are glamorous. It is wise to steer clear of new romantic entanglements that could become emotionally challenging.

SCORPIO: Waves of emotional turmoil can upset your romantic balance. Maintain your equanimity and remain receptive even if a relationship seems to shift or falter. A business decision could possibly create a rift with a loved one.

SAGITTARIUS: Place the emphasis on working with a partner to build financial security. Don’t let small conflicts spoil your day. Ignore an urge to wield your credit card. Remind yourself that money won’t buy love.

CAPRICORN: Some people aren’t as desirable as they may seem. Remain cautious about passing attractions that might trigger someone’s jealousy. It may be tempting to abandon someone or something but don’t burn your bridges.

AQUARIUS: If you follow the rules and do not take advantage of anyone, you can feel more secure and safe. Just because someone else decides to take calculated risks does not mean that is the best tactic for you to use for yourself.

PISCES: You may be romantically minded and prefer to ignore harsh realities. This isn’t the best time to hold a heart-to-heart talk because loved ones could be more interested in facts and figures. Focus on inspiring and uplifting ideas.

IF OCT. 21 IS YOUR BIRTHDAY: You may become more ambitious and passionate about attaining material success as the next three to four weeks unfold. Make strides while your business skills are sharper than usual, and while your friendliness and fairness can win you some new friends. However, remain poised to handle drastic changes of heart if something important begins to undergo a transformation. In late December and early January, you may feel like you are wandering through daydreams. Enjoy a romantic holiday trip or inspiring ideas that could help you choose a new life direction because upcoming changes in your life may leave you feeling somewhat unanchored. Face up to responsibilities in February and prove you are dependable. Caution may be needed in early March because you can be too trusting where personal relationships are concerned.

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