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ARIES: Ask someone’s permission before taking matters into your own hands. You may assume that loved ones trust your judgment, but they could get upset if you don’t keep them in the loop. Stay humble but equal.اضافة اعلان

TAURUS: Stay on point. It’s not useful to pretend that bills will disappear; focus on applying more effort to money making activities to increase your cash flow. Everyone is equally deserving of good things.

GEMINI: Bring your force and charisma fully into the game. Put more enthusiasm and energy into your work and the results can be extraordinary rather than ordinary. Encourage people to work together to produce the desired results.

CANCER: Rather than focusing on emotional upsets, concentrate on the facts you can see and prove. Make headway by keeping a firm grasp on your current reality without losing sight of your intention and vision for your best life.

LEO: You might find yourself in an awkward position. Little you say or do is likely to solve a misunderstanding, so it may be best to mind your own business and remain neutral, Keep plugging away on your own projects.

VIRGO: You may not need to look too far outside yourself and your circle to find answers to important questions. Brainstorming sessions could be highly productive and may reveal your precise and intense insights about people.

LIBRA: When you honor your commitments and promises, you maintain people’s faith in you. This is not the time to put a questionable spin on a problem or make excuses. If you are frank and sincere, a partner will likely be honest with you.

SCORPIO: Someone’s opposition to your ideas can be a challenge. However, you can apply intelligence and easily handle issues that are hard to pinpoint. Reassure coworkers that you are willing to adjust to unforeseen changes.

SAGITTARIUS: Explore all the options before you change your mind. You may be fast on your feet when your financial resources are at risk. Don’t be distracted by flattery and flirtations or requests for charitable donations.

CAPRICORN: You can be what you think you can be. Be confident of success and visualize your most powerfully desired outcomes. Don’t let a family squabble or someone’s public grievance disturb your inner peace or sense of self.

AQUARIUS: Apply your skill-set to creative projects that require physical effort or working within a team. Consult someone with a reputation for business expertise to assist you if a financial matter is in question.

PISCES: Things usually turn out the best for people who make the best of things. Do not nurse a grudge. Talk things over with a loved one or friend and settle misunderstandings before they snowball into something bigger.

IF OCT. 5 IS YOUR BIRTHDAY:  During the upcoming five to six weeks, it may pay to remind yourself that you need to spend many hours as a student before you can become a master; be patient, learn everything you can and bide your time while you build enough expertise to make your move. You might be captivated by an attractive person or inspired to chase after rainbows in late November and early December. A loved one or partner may drift away unless you remain true blue. In late December your judgment is probably just about at its best. You can have both the enterprising spirit and opportunity to reap the benefits of your accomplishments. Doors could open that were closed to you in the past and the Universe may shower you with a harvest of blessings. You likely have an ambition and feel compelled to work on it in January just when a loved one or partner needs more attention.

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