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Today's Horoscopes

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ARIES: Everyone sees the world differently so it’s important to respect others' opinions as you would like them to respect yours. Your acceptance and tolerance could be more evident as the week goes by but avoid being careless.اضافة اعلان

TAURUS: If the usual methods aren’t working for you, thinking outside the box could solve the problem. Focus on being warm and upbeat in the week ahead, especially if involved in disagreements or misunderstandings.

Think out your best course of action given the givens – it’s unlikely that problems will simply disappear overnight. Accomplish your goals through hard work and meticulous research in the week ahead.

CANCER: Make promises sparingly and fulfill them unfailingly. When people are counting on you, don’t disappoint them. A special someone could be in a romantic mood so you could find excitement on your own doorstep.

LEO: An indiscretion or exaggeration might cause a misunderstanding in the upcoming week. Despite a load of work on your plate, you should have a chance to make amends. Feel free to ask for help with a work-related project.

Break through barriers in the week ahead. You might be more popular than usual but do not give your heart away too quickly. A discovery or insight can adjust your motivations or empower you to do better.

LIBRA: You may be starting to think about possibilities rather than just about problems. In the week ahead, you may be less competitive and more willing to compromise and give loved ones the benefit of the doubt.

SCORPIO: Your friends may be focused on what’s new while you could be more satisfied with the status quo. However, becoming more familiar with the latest drops in the week ahead can give you something to chat about with your tribe.

SAGITTARIUS: You may tend to take good luck for granted as this week begins. Follow up on promises and be sure to express your appreciation if someone grants favors. Take time to research the potential consequences of crucial changes.

CAPRICORN: You may feel some info overload; sift through it for the most significant bits and pieces. Feel more confident by doing your homework in the week to come and determining whether facts and sources are authentic.

AQUARIUS: If you’re not in a race, you’ll enjoy better results if you pace yourself and are thorough. Loved ones may have learned to rely on your efficiency and dependability, so don’t let them down as the week unfolds.

PISCES: Ignorance is only bliss for a moment, until you become better informed. You may want to drift into a beautiful fantasy if you’re feeling flattered by a flirtation. Instead, consider the source and be realistic.

IF SEPT. 25 IS YOUR BIRTHDAY: Play your cards right and you can have an opportunity to use inspiring ideas to your advantage in the upcoming four to five weeks. Late October or early November could be a good time for a vacation or to spend time living out some of your romantic fantasies. In late November, you may be more ambitious and better equipped to tackle financial and business matters with intelligence. During December, your personal appeal is enhanced and other people might welcome your friendliness, making that a good time to form new friendships or join a new group or organization. In late December and early January, you can be a skilled negotiator and have an advantage in business deals. You could be optimistic but might be somewhat gullible if someone makes an offer or makes promises. Check the details twice and do not be careless.

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