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ARIES: When you lead, others might well follow. You can set a good example of wise business expertise now. Romance could be ready to blossom in a most unexpected way. This is a good time to kiss and make up.اضافة اعلان

TAURUS: Exercise and physical activity can bring you down to earth and back on your game. Understand your limitations but explore all the possibilities. A partner might share some fascinating subjects that trigger your interest.

GEMINI: The fuzziest logic might make sense to you now. An array of interesting information and ideas could send you in a totally different direction. Watch out for mix-ups with messages and offer sincere apologies when needed.

CANCER: Think green and protect the planet. You’ll find serious satisfaction by finding new and more powerful ways to become part of the solution. You may develop or share a passion for a study of life’s mysteries.

LEO: Your job or career may come first. For you, it is not business before pleasure, but perhaps business being a pleasure. You will get the most satisfaction by concentrating on your financial security and material success.

VIRGO: Budding ambitions may occupy your mind and take up your time. You may have an incentive to follow through on a creative idea. This is a good time to initiate new projects and follow through with them.

LIBRA: Follow friendly advice. A casual suggestion from a trusted friend might help you get ahead or avoid a potential pitfall. This could be a good time to make major changes or start something new within your home.

SCORPIO: Take the first step. You should be able to achieve your goals and find more stability by putting your most ambitious ideas into motion this weekend. Once you get the ball rolling, a project can gain momentum.

SAGITTARIUS: Fill your head with facts rather than fantasies. You may find it difficult to come to a conclusion, but discussions can be interesting. Focus on making your bank account and financial security grow.

CAPRICORN: You may enjoy self-imposed pressure to excel. This might be an excellent time to launch a new business idea or to focus on a new project. Draw on reserves of stamina to relentlessly push things into being.

AQUARIUS: Guard your privacy and look for new solutions. If you feel that you’re stuck on a treadmill, you can’t move in a new direction until you quit running in the same direction. A partner can show you how to make positive change.

PISCES: There is time to waste and more time to wonder. A new relationship could be a lot of fun, but you may feel that nothing is accomplished and there’s no clear direction. Avoid the temptation to be overly sympathetic.

IF SEPT. 17 IS YOUR BIRTHDAY: Your friendliness may attract a posse of new acquaintances and happy memories as the next five to six weeks unfold. Your romantic side might be at a high point so you may also enjoy an inspiring vacation to an exotic location. Your daydreams and imaginative ideas could well be worth noting because by late October, you could find a practical use for them. In November, you are wise about the ways of the world, so you can make smart decisions that favorably affect your financial security. November is also an especially good time to begin healthy new habits and to make lasting friendships. You may receive offers that might not meet your expectations or people who do not live up to their promise in the second half of December. Put major decisions and changes on the back-burner in the first half of January when you might need to work hard to keep your head above water.

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