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ARIES: Grab the joystick. It might be in your best interests to take charge so you know the appropriate steps are taken. A change of scene or a firm commitment may be needed to sustain your relationship and your love life.اضافة اعلان

TAURUS: Positive thoughts and positive timing create positive results. Avoid the urge to make personal decisions based on impersonal business tactics. Focus on building lasting contentment rather than indulging in fleeting pleasures.

GEMINI: If you are poised and confident in your abilities, you can overcome any obstacles. You may be quick to see the benefits of every idea. Any worthy goal you choose to pursue with good intentions could result in success.

CANCER: Let your money spiral out to do good. The rewards you receive from being generous can outweigh the drawbacks of spending a little bit too much. Stretch your imagination and seek out new inspiration.

LEO: Be reliable and a loved one will likely be the same for you. Making changes to a settled business matter might upset someone’s applecart. It might be easier and less stressful to find cooperative mutually satisfying solutions.

VIRGO: Find appropriate and constructive outlets for your energy and expertise. Some people can go overboard and balk at restraints when they are filled with natural exuberance. Focus on smoothing out a misunderstanding.

LIBRA: Your heart could grow warm when someone proves their devotion. A special someone could be eager to fly along by your side. Affection can blossom into something more lasting and enduring in the right circumstances.

SCORPIO: Don’t settle for all work and no play. You may be chipping away at your work when a loved one has romantic plans. You may be challenged to handle a truly unique person who shows up at just the wrong moment.

SAGITTARIUS: Honor your commitments. You’ll need to force yourself to do the right thing if your feelings have changed. Stick to your obligations to help you overcome differences and promote a positive change.

CAPRICORN: A passing conversation may be enlightening. You might see a complicated financial dilemma in a new light and arrive at a real and sustainable solution. A romantic partner may be in the mood for more togetherness.

AQUARIUS: A romantic partner may be quietly looking for a response to their demonstrations of affection. If you are distracted by a beehive of activity within the family, you could be less attentive than you should be.

PISCES: Picture a perfect outcome. Use mental imagery and let your subconscious and the Universe work on your behalf behind the scenes. Put conflicts on the back burner and light up someone’s heart with affection tonight.

IF AUG. 31 IS YOUR BIRTHDAY: You may relish competitive situations during the upcoming two to three weeks, especially if they allow you to socialize. Get prepared for the end of the year by making sound business choices in the first half of October. Your street smarts are likely at a peak and your good judgment can be evident when handling money. In late October, romantic dreams or get-rich quick proposals could distract you from doing the very things that make you happiest and the most secure. Buckle down to work in November, as hard work and productivity will get you through challenges to your authority. Your friends and social activities could be priorities in December when you are less likely to make shrewd business decisions. Wait until early February when your judgment is at its best to put crucial plans into motion or to make key decisions.

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