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ARIES: Take advantage of your energy and enthusiasm and focus on making your business thrive or your creative project more saleable. Your social life may revolve around practical activities or business networking.اضافة اعلان

TAURUS: Possibilities are endless. You are likely optimistic and observant so you may easily see opportunities where you can obtain an advantage. Friends might encourage you to contemplate achieving your innermost fantasies.

GEMINI: If something is truly pressing, don’t ignore it now. Your wisdom around making money and building career success is enhanced. An unexpected message can end up leading to new people or bigger and better things.

CANCER: It might pay off to spend extra time lubricating the cogs with social niceties. You may meet someone who can open doors to opportunities for you or become a valuable supporter. Use sound business sense with key purchases.

LEO: Last-minute plans may not come together exactly as you might hope, try to plan anything special more in advance if you can. Enjoy time off at the end of the day after you have pushed to meet a self-imposed deadline.

VIRGO: Don’t be surprised if you receive a reward from some quick thinking earlier in the week. A friend’s or partner’s opinions may be changing, and there could also be mixed signals that confuse some of the issues.

LIBRA: A health issue or a job challenge could make you rethink your options. Nevertheless, you may continue to have faith that everything you’ve been working so hard for will be coming to you when the time is right.

SCORPIO: A project will proceed more pleasantly and effortlessly if you invite someone to assist. Don’t push your luck by trying to stir up a new romance. This is a time when it is best to keep business and pleasure separate.

SAGITTARIUS: Someone may offer you a chance to make permanent improvements to your material security, as well as your general happiness and well-being. This is a time when you should not ignore sound advice.

CAPRICORN: You may have a tendency to be cautious about expenditures and financial affairs even when you know your funds are secure and safe. To truly protect your home and family members, you may need to take some additional steps.

AQUARIUS: A business acquaintance could be a congenial companion or become a true-blue friend. Something you thought had ended may have a second lease on life. Listen closely if a significant other has powerful plans.

PISCES: You may seek reassurance that the rewards you receive are worthy of the time and effort you expend. Since you work hard, you deserve the best. Speak up because someone close might be confused by any silence.

IF AUG. 19 IS YOUR BIRTHDAY: You can make the most progress in achieving your ambitions between now and mid-November; your persistence and relentless focus on what has captured your interest can begin to pay off. Continue to work hard and stay focused and you can eventually realize all of your material dreams. Enjoy the fruits of your labors but always keep a few extra dollars tucked away for a rainy day. In December and January, start nothing new and follow every rule because there could be plenty of rainy days and extra obligations. You might be glad you have something to fall back upon when your resources are stretched. Your romantic sensitivity is at a peak in March and April when you could be more in tune with your spiritual side, enjoy a vacation or indulge in an interlude to express a romantic fantasy

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