Today's Horoscopes

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ARIES: Talking the talk is meaningless unless you walk the walk. Optics are less powerful than what you do behind the scenes. Most of those who enter your life now should see you as trustworthy and tolerant.اضافة اعلان

TAURUS: Things aren’t always what they seem; something that looks like hard work could turn out to be easier than you think. Show up, do your best and focus on building your self-discipline.

GEMINI: Work hard and use your eye for perfection in constructive ways. Your best strategy is to present a balanced outlook and harmonious thoughts. If business comes first, you can pursue social activities later.

CANCER: Don’t get caught up in appearances — they can be deceiving now. Look beneath the surface to find out if someone or something that attracts your interest contains true quality or is just cleverly packaged.

LEO: Show off what you can do; great leaders lead mindfully, humbly and by example. Even when you are the star of the show, be sure everyone knows they can depend upon you to be a team player.

VIRGO: You maintain the sanctity of trust and ongoing love by being straightforward and honest with loved ones at all times. Discuss issues with a close friend or colleague to gather tips and achieve long-term goals.

LIBRA: Never share private confidences or repeat gossip. Also don’t judge; when you’ve heard one side of a story that’s all you’ve heard. Focus on honoring your commitments and connecting with helpful people.

SCORPIO: Let your true colors shine through at play or on the job. Loved ones may want you to stick to the facts and have the figures handy. You can delegate authority to free up your schedule for upcoming weekend plans.

SAGITTARIUS: Love the one you are with. Someone’s affection might seem low key, but they should be reliable. Despite a few communications challenges, loyalty and trustworthiness should come through.

CAPRICORN: Each small success is a step upwards that can reinforce your confidence. Your diplomacy and tact can be an asset at the workplace. Make wise budget decisions when your hard-earned money is at stake.

AQUARIUS: Playing by the rules is important now. Do everything the accepted way to ensure that others can appreciate and understand what you do. Adhere to norms and follow through on social niceties.

PISCES: Truth can be cleverly obscured. Dig down to get to the heart of the situation instead of falling for spin or presentation. You may be inspired to shift your focus to creative activities, hobbies or entertainment. 

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