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Today's Horoscopes

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ARIES: Get into your zone. Once you have found the right rhythm, you should be able to handle your obligations and please your loved ones at the same time. Keep your commitments to uphold your reputation.اضافة اعلان

TAURUS: A frustrating task may incline you to confront the value of your efforts. Something may challenge you to grab a shovel to deal with the dirt. Be appreciative of the support you receive from loved ones.

GEMINI: If there is a project to tackle or an idea to discuss, two heads are better than one today. Loved ones could have faith in your quick thinking and intelligence, and you should sparkle during group outings and social events.

CANCER: Enjoy things that are meant to last — stay in synch with loved ones and focus on enduring values. Familiar things can give confidence. A new haircut or outfit can make you feel bright and shiny.

LEO: New and uplifting ideas, and people who demonstrate their trust in you, can make you want to do your very best. You might be in the spotlight in a public venue where you can quickly captivate everyone.

VIRGO: If you have faith, true love and romance can come home to roost. A partner or loved one might occasionally feel out of alignment, but there could be something enduring and timeless to experience.

LIBRA: Talk things through before you take action. Conversations with a romantic partner can take on new significance as the solution to a problem is illuminated. Improve your net worth by listening to excellent advice.

SCORPIO: It is easy to overcome minor differences with your mate or loved ones. You will find that a few probing questions can reveal someone’s underlying motives and promote understanding. Learn from any criticisms.

SAGITTARIUS: Rather than sitting at home alone, let family gatherings or local social events set the scene for fun. A partner or loved one can offer sound advice and solid support if you have a financial dilemma.

CAPRICORN: Focus on finding common ground. You can’t successfully negotiate a deal or enjoy someone’s company unless both parties benefit. Discuss your needs openly even if you tend to hide them.

AQUARIUS: You may want a steady diet of companionship even hanging out in front of the TV, and even though you usually take pride in being independent. It might be time to clean up or decorate your home for some important guests.

PISCES: You may become more attuned to the moods and feelings of loved ones. Clarify any goals and dreams that are so entwined with those of a romantic partner that you can’t distinguish between their dreams and yours.

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