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ARIES: Check your hat as well as your worries at the door. Once you have fulfilled your daily duties, you can concentrate on relaxing activities. Take pride in maintaining your tools and your toys as well as your relationships.اضافة اعلان

TAURUS: There must be a method to any madness. Perform your list of tasks with a strategic plan in mind. Rather than allowing anxieties to dominate your thinking, focus on thoughts that empower you.

GEMINI: Your mind may be busy; take the time you need to record all your great ideas. Your ability to communicate is enhanced so don’t stay home alone tonight. Whisper some sweet nothings to delight a romantic partner.

CANCER: You may find it difficult to concentrate if happy distractions are on your calendar. Romantic outings might suit your mood, but finances and business should also be a hot topic. Even so, allow yourself some indulgent self-care.

LEO: Knowledge is power but being known as an influencer has advantages too. Raise your profile and leverage your stature to improve your odds in a competitive business situation. Use your street smarts to get ahead.

VIRGO: You may need to cash in a few chips to extricate yourself from a sticky workplace situation with your good reputation intact. Adhering to high-minded principles will always put you at the head of the class.

LIBRA: You can have the competitive edge whenever you work with what you’ve got. Put your quick thinking and resourcefulness into action. Hand out plenty of validation in thanks for someone’s trust and approval.

SCORPIO: Someone may seem challenging to deal with, but you can still achieve your heart’s desire without ruffling anyone’s feathers. If gentle persuasion does not work, then appeal to that person’s common sense.

SAGITTARIUS: A partner’s enthusiasm may power up your own performance. Enjoy sharing a flattering spotlight. You might be pulled in several different directions due to unexpected phone calls or visitors.

CAPRICORN: Take inventory and appreciate all your blessings. Discuss reasons, but they may not be enough; and excuses are not likely to fly at all now. Be creative and resourceful and make do with what you have on hand.

AQUARIUS: A group outing can bring out your best social qualities and offer some additional benefits, too. Someone might give you favorable referrals or a hot tip. Find an ingenious solution to any family squabble.

PISCES: Spend when the mood is right. An opportunity to add a desirable item to your prized possessions may come your way. You might feel it is only right to treat someone to a spontaneous gift and share with others.

IF SEPT. 2 IS YOUR BIRTHDAY: You may feel like the center of attention during the coming two to three weeks when it could be easy to up-level your position in life. You receive more appreciation and admiration for your talents and skills. Your social life may be on fire since you are likely to be more popular than usual but be cautious about forming new romantic attachments at the end of September when you are likely to be too trusting. Your business sense and financial decision-making should be highly discerning and accurate throughout October, so that is a good time for investments or launching key plans. Lay low in the first half of November and avoid initiating anything of great importance since you can be blind to problems and are prone to wishful thinking. Wait until mid-February to launch important enterprises, or to seek expert guidance for your health, legal matters or relationships. Your judgment may be much better than usual, so you will be able to make wise decisions and permanent improvements in your life.

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