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ARIES: Make sure you are always trustworthy. You might not always get your way in the week ahead, but few will doubt your sincerity. Sidestep occasional misunderstandings; don’t get pulled into someone else’s circus.اضافة اعلان

TAURUS: As you speed your way to the top in the week ahead, be careful not to trample on anyone’s toes. Consider whether what you are doing gives you real pleasure or is just something you doing for validation.

GEMINI: Crank up your enthusiasm and a competitive spirit without letting it stress you out. Remain levelheaded and don’t let your emotions dictate your actions as the week progresses. Focus on using your common sense.

CANCER: Weigh out price versus value with care. It might be necessary to spend a little more to get something more satisfying in the week ahead. Concentrate on generosity to guarantee long-term security.

LEO: Put sound business tactics and strategies into action in the week to come. An adversary or loved one may not feel that some of the rules are fair or equitable. However, your gentle approach should convince them otherwise.

VIRGO: Your inbox may be flooded with invitations in the upcoming week. Keep in close contact with neighbors and follow up on or social obligations. Real friends want you for more than your money and influence.

LIBRA: You might realize that you enjoy a change of pace and become intensely involved in something new and exciting. When necessary, you can ask for forgiveness but don’t take anything or anyone for granted in the week ahead.

SCORPIO: Use willpower to overcome obstacles and sincerity to instill trust. Someone who is suspicious of your motives could be reassured in the week ahead. Always be wise enough to acknowledge the things you do not know.

SAGITTARIUS: Use skillful chess moves to take command of your side of the board. Since you likely have good judgment and a vision of what can be accomplished, this is a good week to focus on creating lasting financial security.

CAPRICORN: Work hard to increase your awareness, so you don’t overlook any mistakes or be blind to your own social blunders in the week to come. You might be inspired by a great piece of information.

AQUARIUS: One trick to overcoming obstacles is patience and self-discipline. Focus on using organizational skills and diligence to become more efficient. Do not hesitate to grant someone a favor in the upcoming week.

PISCES: A partner or loved one can provide the means that help you achieve your ends. As the week unfolds, there may be times you are not on the same wavelength. Wait until any distracting problem has been dealt with.

IF SEPT. 18 IS YOUR BIRTHDAY: You may become centered on achieving your ambitions and dream of material success as the next five to six weeks unfold. Wait until November when your judgment is at its best to make major purchases, evaluate your investment portfolio or to make crucial changes. Embrace any opportunity, no matter how small, since it could likely improve your future. A new romance may come knocking on your door in late December or January when you could be vulnerable and easily misled; don’t jump in without taking your time. Hold off on making major changes or decisions and focus on fulfilling your obligations. Reassess your finances and relationships in early February when your judgment is better and you can make a clear-headed appraisal of people and situations.

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